We will vitalize local tourism industry by setting mission and vision that are ways
of future development of Boryeong Festival & Tourism Foundation which has been newly established,
develop the foundation to be trusted and loved by people by driving an effective tourism enhancement
including tourism promotion and attracting tourists,
unite competency of the entire employees and get motivated with strong practice will.


Sustainable value creation of global marine tourism


Promote a global festival with people all over the world

Attempt to develop and exchange information of marine mud industry

Increase tourism revenue of local residents and create jobs

6 strategies

Visualize an image of marine tourist city and reinforce its international position

Discover and promote a new industry of marine mud

Provide a new experience and joy by distinct marine mud contents

Realize citizen participation and activation of local economy

Innovation of organization and enhancement of professionality

Secure self-sustaining power of the foundation by clean, innovative and effective management