The 21th Boryeong Mud Festival

Go! Boryeong, Play! Mud.

Daecheon Beach Mud Plaza. July 13(Fri) ~ July 22(sun), 2018

Event Description

Opening Ceremony
Pause July 22th, 2017(Sat), 19:30 Place Special Stage of Mud Square at Daecheon Beach




The celebration shows and fireworks display proceed while the opening of the 18th Boryeong Mud Festival is proclaimed

- Part 1 (events before ceremony): Mud dancing, etc.

- Part 2 (while Opening Ceremony) Theme performances, video of opening ceremony, opening performances

- Part 3 (Celebration shows): Celebration shows

[Fantastic Opening Ceremony Fireworks]

◇ Date & Time: July. 18, 2015. (Sat.) 22:00

◇ Place: the sea in front of the Mud Square, Daecheon Beach

◇ Contents: fantastic colorful fireworks show at Sea