The 22th Boryeong Mud Festival

Go! Boryeong, Play! Mud.

Daecheon Beach Mud Plaza. July 19(Fri) ~ July 28(sun), 2019

Event Description

Together with tourists
Pause Operate once a day during the festival Place CitizenTower Square Special Stage



Proceed special stage on the beach and welcomes tourists and visitors to Boryeong over the course of a professional moderator

Lantern Festival Talent participation and opportunity provided

  - Boryeong things play area, dance, traditional music, symphony, choir, sports aerobics, hip hop dance, group dance, magic test,

    Configuration belly dance, vocal performances, plays, etc. Hope organization, under the pre-application stage of the club program

- International Band and mud dancing team performances, impromptu singing tourists, talent shows and various events